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We Dalian huayang Food Co,.ltd is a seafood processing plant located in huangguicheng village heidao town zhuanghe city Dalian china. Our processing species covered : arrowtooth flounder, Kamchatka flounder, Greenland halibut, ocean perch, chum salmon and cod etc. the productions are mainly exported to America, EU, brazil, Russia, Japan , middle east and southern east countries etc. Our plant (2100/02985) got the approved EU and Russia register number, DIPOA certification to brazil, all production are satisfied the U.S. FDA requirement and HACCP management system .Meanwhile, all of our productions are MSC and BRC certified in order to ensure the quality of the productions. The technicians, inspect equipment and instruments are satisfied the procedure requirement.With the business principle of prestige first, quality upmost, our company warmly welcomes the customers to visit us and establish business relationship and friendships.

我们 大连华阳食品有限公司位于中国大连庄河市黑岛镇黄贵城村。生产 品种主要有箭齿鲽鱼,勘察加鲽 鱼,格陵兰比目鱼,大西洋红鱼,马哈鱼和真鳕鱼等。产品远销美国,欧洲,巴西,俄罗斯,日本,中 东以及东南亚国家。 我们 工厂均获得欧盟和俄罗斯出口注册号,出口巴西资质DIPOA证书,产品质量符合美国FDA管理机构 标准和HACCP体系认证。并且 我们所加工的原料和产品均获得MSC认证,BRC认证 等全球产品质量标准。 同时,我们 也具有专业的质量检测设备和监控人员控制整个加工流程,确保产品质量。本着 信誉第一, 质量至上的原则,公司 全体员工热忱欢迎新老客户前来洽谈合作。

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